Our Story.

The Soulful Gypsy has been a day dream since I can remember.  Hi! I'm Amber Paschal, the owner of this lovely shop I have dreamed about for many years.  I have always had a deep passion for all things beautiful and funky. Fashion, hair, home décor, vintage, whether it be home goods or jewelry... whatever, if it's old and has soul, I want it. 

For the longest, I have had a vision for a boutique that carried pieces that were different, for chicks like me that wanted something funky but couldn't find it anywhere else.  The Soulful Gypsy is inspired by mine and my husbands many travels around our beautiful Earth, my favorite times including the boho hippie vibes of the 60's, 70's, the edgy grunge of the 90's, and making a commitment to myself to wear what I want because it makes me feel something.  Fashion is a rad way of expressing yourself, a way of saying who you are and how you feel without speaking.  

 So speak up sisters and follow your soul!

 Peace & Love.